Winnipeg and Surrounding Area

Business to Business

Mature Business | 10 yrs +

Consistent Profitability

Sell or Manufacture a Niche Product

Sell or Service Consumable Products

Minimum $600,000 Pre-tax Profit


My name is Dan Precourt. I live in St. Andrews Manitoba with my wife, our young adult children, and our dog Juno.

After recently selling one of my businesses for 7 figures, I’m ready for another investment. I’m looking for a mature, profitable business that can benefit from an investor, working partner or where I can buy the company to satisfy the owner’s exit plan. How I got to where I am and where I want to go might interest you.

A little about my background

I have had passion for business for as long as I can remember and reaching back into my childhood. That desire to be in business persisted through my teens and at 18 years of age I chased the opportunity to become an independent business owner. I became a franchisee for a student painting company over two consecutive summers. This experience fed and solidified my interest in business. Three years following this introduction, I started a company that I still run today, almost 30 years ago.


My longevity in the business world has not been due to a natural born gift of business acumen but due to lessons learned and relationships built, based on trust and honesty. Tenacity played a role, and I am sure at times I believed I could do it on my own, but the help others on my team and surrounding, is the difference maker. Being honest in business, being honest with the people you serve, and creating trusted relationships is what has helped me to get where I am today.


I love business. I don’t see being in business as my job, it’s what I do and always have done. Any opportunity I get to talk about business with another business owner, will be the highlight of my day. This may sound corny, but it’s true. I love to learn about other businesses and hear how they work, share challenges and learn what drives the successes. 

I am ready for a new challenge. I have time, desire, and a lifetime of experience to contribute to my new venture. Together with the current business owner and their team, I’m excited to learn how the business got to where it is, and together, how we can create new opportunity.


Exceptional Personal Credit Score

Capital On Hand From Recent Business Sale

Financing Support From Major Lending Partners


My advisory team has a proven history of facilitating win-win deals. They will guide us so we can proceed efficiently, confidentially and with minimal interruption.


I am a fair deal maker and I want to own another business as soon as possible. It could be yours or one owned by someone you know. Please call me, Dan Precourt, direct 204-294-8230, or confidentially through the form below.

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